Casillero del Diablo

Contest "Devilishly Good" – cooperation with influencers

Konkurs „Diabelsko dobre” -
współpraca z influencerami

Starting situation:

Casillero del Diablo – from the portfolio of CEDC International – is one of the most recognisable Chilean wines in the world. In the first quarter of 2018, the brand implemented a consumer campaign in the form of a competition under the slogan "Devilishly Good". Its reach covered all cooperating stores in Poland. Influencer marketing activities planned and implemented by more communications agency were an element supporting communications.


PR objective:

Increased brand recognition and encouragement of participation in a consumer competition called "Devilishly Good".


The strategy developed for the project was based on cooperation with food bloggers.

Its first element was organising Food & Wine pairing culinary workshops for influencers. There were 40 participants.

The workshop was led by one of the best-known Polish chefs – Grzegorz Łapanowski – and sommelier Matias Glusman.

Participants had the opportunity to taste dishes specially selected for four types of Casillero del Diablo wine.

We then implemented individual content cooperation with selected bloggers: Wrząca Kuchnia (Boiling Kitchen), Ostra na słodko (Sweet Spicy), Kulinarne Przygody Gatity (Gatita's Culinary Adventures), Odczaruj Gary (Demistify Your Pots), Olga Smile, Make Cooking Easier, and Czosnek w pomidorach (Garlic in Tomatoes). 


500 000

Facebook views

70 000

Instagram views

750 000



The total reach of entries on influencer’s profiles on Facebook was almost 500,000 views.

The total reach of influencer’s posts on Instagram was over 70,000 views.

The total reach of entries on influencer’s blogs was over 750,000 views.